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Habitat for Humanity - Detroit

Habitat For Humanity - Detroit | Donate

Make a Donation

Habitat for Humanity Detroit depends on the generosity of individuals, churches, corporations and local organizations to provide the financial support and the materials needed to build affordable homes for families in need of a place to call home.

Make a secure financial donation right now.

Online Donations:

We have a safe and secure method for you to donate online.
Click here to make your donation.

25th Anniversary Donor Club

To celebrate Habitat for Humanity Detroitís 25th Anniversary in 2011 we are kicking off the 25th Anniversary Donor Club. To join the club, simply make a pledge to donate a minimum of $25 a month. Click here to join the 25th Anniversary Donor Club.

Mail-in Donations:

Use our mail-in donation form to send your VISA/MasterCard info, check or money order. To donate using another credit card, call our office at (313) 521-6691.

For check or money order, please send to:

Habitat for Humanity - Detroit
14325 Jane Street
Detroit, MI 48205

ReStore Donations:

The Habitat for Humanity Detroit ReStore relies on donations of new and used building materials and home improvement items from individuals, organizations, contractors, retailers, and corporations. While most building materials are accepted, visit the Habitat for Humanity Metro ReStores site for a list of acceptable donations.

To Donate:

Cars for Homes:

Your car donation can help a family build a home, and the hope of a better life. Car, truck, boat and RV donations help Habitat for Humanity Detroit build houses in partnership with families in need of affordable hosing. Donate a car, truck, boat, RV or other vehicle to Habitat's Cars for Homes™ vehicle donation program by calling 1-877-277-4344, or visiting www.carsforhomes.org.

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